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3 steps to ensure you’re compliant with Workplace Health and Safety regulations
August 17, 2016
Using your existing skills to fast track your training
September 1, 2016

Starting a career in the manufacturing or agricultural industries can seem quite challenging when you don’t have the right training and qualifications to get your foot in the door.

Being a reliable and hard worker will go a long way in these lines of work, but with strict Work Health and Safety laws in place, employers will only consider you if you have all the necessary licensing and experience.

For the vast majority of new workers trying to break into the industry, the biggest challenge when it comes to getting a forklift ticket – or licenses to operate other machinery like bobcats, excavators and steer graders – is needing to understand both theoretical and practical components in order to become fully qualified.

Most jobs in the farming or building sectors will require a ticket and logged hours using specific machinery, and when you haven’t ever worked on a site to gain that experience – it can be quite a challenge.

But the solution is simple.

Elevated Training can open up our live training site to show you how to operate the gear in a practical setting.

Starting from scratch isn’t as daunting as it seems when we can provide you with straightforward classroom and worksite training where you can get the all skills you need in the one place.

You can gain hands-on experience operating various machinery and log training hours using our equipment and be fully prepared for your desired job.

We also offer after-hour and weekend training so you can gain the right experience at times that suit your current working schedule.

What’s more – the trainers and assessors at Elevated Training have a wealth of experience working in various sectors, so our industry connections may even help to kick start your career.

So if you’re seeking out ways to log hours on new machinery for your next job, call Elevated Training today.

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