Group Training for Queensland’s Manufacturing Industry

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December 8, 2017
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Group Training for Queensland’s Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is one of the largest industries in Australia, consisting of electronic, automotive, household appliances, clothing and food production. The factories that house the creation of these goods open up vast opportunities for employment in areas such as engineering, production, quality assurance and protection. Every factory worker has to be trained, qualified and certified to be able to carry out their daily tasks safely and legally. Employees will already have a number of skills and qualifications when starting work, but new developments in the industry and changes to Government legislation may mean further training is required.

Group training not only builds staff relationships and team morale, but also ensures every employee is qualified to the same ability. By learning as a group, manufacturing teams follow the same codes of conduct from their accredited trainer in order to maintain a safe and practical working environment in every department. It also allows workers to support and assist each other with knowledge gained from the training.

Elevated Training offers a huge range of nationally recognised licences for high risk work and machinery operation, as well as a variety of services to assist manufacturing sites in meeting workplace health and safety regulations. We are fully accredited to provide formal training, log book training and driving qualifications to improve everyday security, compliance and efficiency. All of our facilities can be accessed at our live training sites in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We can also carry out on-site group training throughout Queensland, with our instructors and assessors able to visit you directly at your workplace. This gives you the opportunity to save time and money on travel, reduce downtime and provide your staff with a relaxed and familiar environment in which to learn.

We can train and qualify up to 30 of your employees at once, which also means your staff get to experience a team building exercise alongside earning their critical qualifications. Elevated Training can tailor any course depending on your industry, as our experts have the skills to train across a multitude of sectors. For more information on how we can train you and your team at one of our live training sites or your workplace, contact us today.

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