LF tickets for warehouse work

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October 20, 2016
Being appropriately qualified for LO picking trucks
November 18, 2016

Our experienced team at Elevated Training provides a wide range of vocational training for forklift tickets, EWP licences and more.

If you’re seeking out a career change or a new role working in the warehouse, transport or logistics industries, the best place to start is gaining the right training and qualifications to suit.

Working in a large warehouse setting will often see you assigned to one key role for your day-to-day work; and if that’s picking and transporting heavy boxes and items back and forth – an LF ticket is essential.

In smaller warehouses, workers may not be given one specific role, but a combination – such as stocking shelves, filling orders, packing them up and printing mailing labels.

Even for these varied roles, having the know-how and licencing to fulfil the truck operation and picking duties will secure the best opportunities for you in your workplace and within the industry in general.

Elevated Training provides 3-day courses for the LF ticket for just $475 so you can learn the skills to operate a basic forklift truck from the driver’s seat and steering wheel.

The training will teach you how to effectively and safely raise the pair of fork arms on a forklift truck from 9m above the ground and transfer heavy or multiple packaged items in a warehouse setting.

The course will show you through how to plan work and conduct routine checks, shift loads, shut down and secure the forklift trucks, and it also equips you with a High Risk Work license.

If you’re new to the sector, it’s important to note that there are two different types of forklift licences – LF and LO.

Read the differences here and determine the best ticket for you.

Call us today to enrol in training, or book online for 10% off your course fee.



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