Operating Construction Equipment and Machinery

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January 3, 2018
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The evolution of technology has supported many workforces in their practices for centuries. Today, we have the ability to carry out more tasks bigger, better and faster; but it’s thanks to advancing machinery and equipment rather than raw manpower alone. The construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries in particular rely on the use of heavy machinery to streamline their processes and boost business throughout the year.

The most commonly used trade equipment is earthmoving machinery such as backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators and graders. With new properties, infrastructure and land being constantly regenerated and developed, these tools allow workers to dig deep into the ground to lay foundations and construct new buildings. Machinery courses and licences to operate this equipment can be obtained in a matter of days with the right training.

Forklift trucks are abundant across factories and warehouses across the country, providing workers with the freedom to lift, move and transport heavy goods and materials around the premises. There are three main types of forklift including the standard truck, order picking forklift and high reach forklift. Elevated Training provides a range of courses to qualify you to use any or all of these machines.

Elevated work platforms have revolutionised the way we build, maintain and clean our cities and communities. Workers can be transported to great heights to carry out specific and detailed jobs on buildings, but in order to be qualified for this role; employees must undertake an elevating work platform course. Working at heights requires more risk than other construction jobs, meaning your qualifications will open up opportunities for higher rates of pay.https://xn--bst-vpn-5wa.se/’ vpn

With so many tools and machines being used and improved every day, it’s crucial for employees to adapt and learn how to use them to secure the best paid jobs. The more licences, certifications and training you have to use these machines, the better your job prospects will be. View our courses or for more information on training please contact the team.

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