Work Safety Gear – Are You Protected?

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February 14, 2018
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March 13, 2018

Between 2014 and 2015, 25% of serious claims in Australia were lodged by labourers who had sustained injury or illness at work. These accidents create big problems for both the employee and the employer, including loss of pay and productivity, work down-time and financial issues such as compensation premiums and social welfare programs.

Health and safety in the workplace is not just the responsibility of the employer, but of every member of staff associated with the business. The whole team is responsible for maintaining a clean and safe working environment and carrying out work wearing the correct protective clothing where required.

Different industries require different codes of practice when it comes to the use of personal protection equipment, and your employer will provide these details when you join the company. The most common types of protective gear are hard hats, high vis jackets, safety goggles, sun and heat protection, hearing protection and face shields. All personal and general safety equipment should be compliant with Australian standards and Queensland’s work safety procedures.

If your job requires you to work at heights or in confined spaces, operate dangerous machinery, work with hazardous chemicals or in harsh environments, it’s critical that you receive the relevant training and qualifications. Your team should follow all procedures and regulations to avoid accidents and injuries in the manufacturing, construction, electrician, plumbing and mining industries.

For more information on workplace health and safety in your current job or prospective employment, contact the Elevated Training team. We are committed to protecting tradesmen and labourers in the workplace.

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