Why Elevated Training is a Preferred Provider of Working at Heights Training

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July 25, 2018
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Why Elevated Training is a Preferred Provider of Working at Heights Training

While it can be difficult to choose which registered training organisation (RTO) to enroll with for working at heights training, here are the reasons why Elevated Training is recognised as a preferred provider, industry-wide.

Working Knowledge of Height Safety

Elevated Training has developed their height safety training to go above-and-beyond their competitors to offer students an in-depth, hands-on working knowledge of best practices for height safety protocols when handling equipment.

Increased Knowledge Leads to Smarter Decisions

By having a more in-depth knowledge of these protocols this leads to making smarter decisions when working-at-heights. This increased knowledge correlates to choosing the right procedures and equipment, which ultimately saves your life on the work site. Not only will this knowledge save your life, it also results in a higher level of efficiency. Which means there’s less time spent scratching your head and more time allocated to doing those important tasks that convert to making higher profit margins.

Fully Equipped with the Skills You Need

Elevated Training will equip you with the skills you need to perform your role safely and efficiently, nothing more, nothing less. By providing working-at-heights training that’s straightforward and simple and cuts through all the confusion that’s caused by compliant paperwork, you’ll be industry ready to perform your role safely and competently. You’ll also receive concise, easy-to-comprehend working documents that will inspire you on your career path, that have been sourced directly from those working hands-on in your industry and not behind an office desk.

To find out more about what’s involved with Elevated Training’s working-at-heights course, contact the friendly team today on (07) 55 245 925. You will also receive a 10% discount by enrolling in the training online and you can claim back your course as it’s tax deductible.

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